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Sam A - Buzzword Winner

Sam A - Closeup

Our Buzzword competition winner this year is Sam from Norfolk.  

Sam is 10 years old and is in Year 6 of primary school. He joined  Young Calibre 3 years ago and  really enjoys receiving his books as he has dyslexia and reading has been a bit of a struggle. He listens to his CD Calibre books at bedtime as well as being read to which helps him dip into print books too.   Sam likes Liz Pichon's Tom Gates' books including The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (17181) and David Walliams' very funny Gangsta Granny (17173). For otherDavid Walliams fans his sixth children’s book,  Demon Dentist, which tells the story of a young boy named Alfie whose world turns upside down when a new dentist arrives in town, will also be in the library shortly.

However Sam's favourite book is Eva Ibbotson's One Dog and His Boy (17207). This is a story about Hal whose wealthy parents refuse to let him have a dog but have one on loan from the Easy Pets rental agency. However, when Hal discovers his terrier, Fleck, has to be returned he runs away with his canine friend.

 Here's a picture of Sam with a B2FL-20-FO Liberator heavy bomber at the RAF Museum in Hendon


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