Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the service?

Calibre welcomes adults and children. You can become a member if :

  • you can't see well enough to read print
  • you have dyslexia or another disability which prevents you from reading print.

What does it cost to join the service?

There is a one-off administration fee of £20 to join Young Calibre. Thereafter, we do not charge any subscription and there are no fines for lost, late or damaged books. We make a small charge for our print catalogues but the online catalogue is free.

How do I get the books and return them to you?

Calibre books are delivered and returned by post, free of charge.

How many books can I have?

Most people have two books at a time. When you have finished the first book return it to us and we then send out a replacement which should reach you before you have finished reading the second book. In this way you'll get books at your own speed. If you read a lot you may need more than two books - just ask and we will increase your allocation.

What equipment do I need?

Young Calibre books are on MP3 format compact disk or USB memory stick.

For listening to the books on MP3 format CDs there is a wide choice of players, with different features and at different prices. If you have recently bought a CD player this may play MP3 disks as well as ordinary CDs. You can also listen to them on many DVD players, on computers, and on many Daisy machines (including somethe ones currently supplied by the RNIB Talking Book Service). Read more about our digital service or phone 01296 432 339 and ask for a trial MP3 disk.

To play your books using a USB memory stick take a look at USB players supplied by Calibre.

What sort of books do you have?

We aim to provide a good selection of books you may like to read for pleasure.  There are 1,500 books specially recorded for children and young people. We welcome suggestions for new books to add to the library.

How do I choose the books I want to read?

Young Calibre members can opt to get books suitable for their age group.

Some members prefer to give us a personal book list and there are many ways to compile one.

This website has the complete library catalogue (see Catalogue) and it's very easy to select your books online - members can click here to go to the members login page.

Young Calibre members can get reading ideas from the Press Play page.

Can you help me choose my books?

If you enjoy particular writers, or if there is a subject that interests you, do ring us up  and we'll put together a list of books to suit you.

Whatever your question, just ask. We're here to help - just phone our Membership Services team on 01296 432 339 or email .