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About Young Calibre

Hello and welcome to Young Calibre!

If you are new to us, here's what you need to know:

  • Young Calibre is a subscription-free postal library bringing you the fun of audio books
  • It's for anyone under 16 who can't see properly, or has dyslexia or another disability which makes it difficult to read ordinary print
  • There are lots of fantastic audio books to choose from, by all your favourite authors
  • Our audio books are in MP3 format. - either on CDs or memory sticks. Alternatively you can stream them online
  • You can choose what to read and can listen anywhere
  • The library is easy to use and we're here to help you
  • As well as books to read for pleasure, our library includes titles for education supporting the GCSE English and A level syllabus as well as the PSHE section of the National Curriculum

There is a single-payment joining fee of £20 to join Young Calibre.

To help you choose your books, see the Press Play page which has lots of brilliant reading ideas and details of what's new in Young Calibre.

If you're already a member, visit the Members only page, login and select the next books you're going to read.

Find out what we have in the library by searching our online catalogue

Liam, 12, says: "I love listening to audio books after school because it's relaxing.Some stories are really exciting then I can't put the book down!"

Joining's easy

Just to remind you, you can join Young Calibre if you are under 16 and you

  • can't see well enough to read ordinary books, and live in the UK or other European country: OR
  • have dyslexia or another disability that makes it difficult to use books, and live in the UK only.

There is a one-off joining fee of £20 to join Young Calibre. Thereafter, we do not charge any subscription and there are no fines for lost, late or damaged books.

If you are 16 or over you can join the main library and borrow any of our books.

Click to Join Online our newly introduced, easy and instant way to become a Young Calibre member. Our online application will collect your personal details, give you the option of purchasing a USB player in the same transaction, allow you to make your choice of media and provide reading choices. It is easy for a third party (such as a parent or a Rehabilitation worker) to apply on behalf of an eligible member too.

Alternatively you can download the version of the application form that you need and the application notes - or just contact us and we'll send them by post.

Application form - PDF

It's easy to fill in the form - you just have to tick a box showing why you are eligible to join.

Phone: 01296 432 339
Post : Young Calibre Audio Library, Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 5XQCharlotte listens to an audio book with headphonesWhat happens next?

Once we receive your completed application and joining fee it usually takes two or three days for us to do our bit and send your first books. We also send an audio guide on how to use the service so that you get the best out of it - or you can read these notes here.

Generally, we send books that are suitable for your age. If you don't like a book we have sent, just send it back and we will send another.

You can also set up your own reading list. You can do this online once your membership has been accepted - please ask us for a password. To help you choose your books, see the Press Play page which has lots of brilliant reading ideas. See the How to choose your books page for details of catalogues. If you would like help to choose your books, please phone us on 01296 432 339.

We always make sure you are never without a book and if you would like extra, because you are going on holiday for example, just ask us.

One-stop joining options from Calibre

Due to demand Calibre now to offers all-inclusive joining packages from only £60 – this single payment covers the £20 Young Calibre joining fee plus a USB Memory Stick player. As well as giving excellent value for money, our all-inclusive packages simplify joining by providing a very convenient one-stop solution.

An all-inclusive joining package makes an excellent gift for a young person unable to read print through visual impairment, dyslexia or another physical disability. Calibre books can restore the pleasure of reading and have many social and educational advantages.

There is no annual subscription to continue using Young Calibre’s service – once you’ve joined, it is free to use for as long as you like!

We offer 2 options for listening to Calibre books on USB memory sticks

  • Sovereign 2 at £60 
  • Sonic 2 at £60
    All the above prices include packaging and signed-for postage

Please see our player information sheet for further details. If you wish to purchase a player, they are available from our online shop on this website.

New to audiobooks?
Our free trial could open up a whole new world!

If you have never listened to an audiobook, of course you will not know what you are missing!

Young Calibre can offer a free three-month trial to anyone who qualifies to receive our service. This provides an opportunity to discover whether audio books are for you.  If you wish to continue receiving audio books after the trial period, our £20 joining fee is payable but there is no annual subscription thereafter -– once you’ve paid to join the Young Calibre service, it is free to use for as long as you like!

Please note that the three month trial period covers membership only. We regret we are unable to provide trial players and cannot offer refunds on any players purchased. During the trial period, members are restricted to having a single book at any time.