Kirktonholme Primary School

Sunderland Reading Group

Children with dyslexia at Kirktonholme Primary School in East Kilbride have been enjoying Calibre audio books. You can find out how they have been discussing their favourite authors in their book group and how they came up with an innovative idea to raise money for players. 

The children described how frustrating it was when their friends were reading new books but they couldn’t share in the excitement because of their specific difficulty: 

“I wanted to read really thick books. The player really helps when I read a thick book because sometimes my eyes hurt”. 

Their teacher, Karen Baumann, joined Calibre group membership scheme (which charges a modest annual subscription) knowing that the children had been dying to read top authors such as Jacqueline Wilson. Karen says:

“They are now on a par with their peers in class.  I couldn’t have done this without Calibre books”.

One child with severe learning difficulties was able to get the James Bond book she wanted from Calibre and has been following the daredevil antics of her hero.

Such was the popularity of the new audio books that the children decided to raise £350 for 20 MP3 players . They created a special Powerpoint presentation for the Scottish Support for Learning Association Good Practice Awards. There were 57 entries narrowed to a final 6 and the children were thrilled when they won the top award of £500.

Karen said “ Not only were the children delighted at this achievement , it was also a great opportunity to tell other schools about Calibre. “

Subsequently the children have written up their own reviews and participate in group talks about their favourite authors.