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New books for you to try

We've posted up a list of new books added to the library. The list is arranged by key stage and there's something for everyone, whether you love Paddington Bear or the young James Bond. See it on the Press Play page where there's also lots of books by topic to make choosing easier. 

New Film Reviewers

If you enjoy movies and all the latest gossip, we have a treat for you! Our film reviewers Cat and Alex from Aylesbury High School will be checking out the latest releases. Each month they'll be tucking into the popcorn and seeing if the top movies really do live up to all the publicity hype.

Coming soon...our new book blog- with news, recommendations and reviews.  

A very special reading group

A group of visually impaired young people from Sunderland aged from 11 to 15 enjoyed discussing The Dare Game by Jacqueline Wilson. They are the first reading group of their kind in the UK. The group was set up by their school and Sunderland City Council and they all get the same book on CD thanks to Calibre.

Sunderland reading group


The four boys and two girls, pictured here, plan to meet once a month and are setting up a reading list that includes sport and ghost stories; classic novels such as Black Beauty and authors such as Stephanie Myers, Philip Pullman, Charles Dickens and C S Lewis.




Thinking about an iPod?

If you are thinking of buying an MP3 player, you might like to know that the latest iPod Shuffle has voiceover and is designed so you can use it without a screen.

You can put your Calibre books on it, and it will keep your place in the book and start again from where you left off. It will also play your music.

You need to have access to a computer in order to load your books and music onto the Shuffle. In case you use speech software on your computer - as far as we know the only speech software that works with iTunes is Jaws.

See our guide for information about USB players for Calibre books or phone our membership services department on 01296 432 339.