How to choose your books

Calibre has over 8,000 books to choose from, including over 1,500 especially for children and young people. We've made it as easy as possible to select books you'll enjoy.

There are two ways to choose your books:

  •  tell us your age, and leave the rest to us - OR
  • compile your very own personal book list

Choosing by age - the Young Calibre library

Young members (under 16) - simply tell us your age and we'll send books suitable for your age group, on all sorts of themes. If you don't like a particular book we've sent, just send it back and we'll send another.

Compiling a personal book list

If you want to specify exactly which books you want, you can compile a personal book list and we will then send books from that list whenever possible. Ideally, the list should include about 50 books and be topped up regularly. You can post us a list of books, or tell us by phone or email. I

Our online catalogue

The quickest way to find out what we have in the library is to use the online catalogue which has the most up to date and comprehensive information (you don't need to be a member to see this). It's easy to search by author, title, type of book or age group (for young members) - and we also provide some tips for searching.

Print catalogues

Young member browsing print catalogueIf you are already a member, download a catalogue order form in the version you want:
Catalogue order form - PDF version for filling in by hand
Catalogue order form - Word version for use on your computer

For Young Calibre members we have four print catalogues, one for each key stage:
Key stage 1 - up to age 7
Key stage 2 - age 8 - 11
Key stage 3 - age 12 - 14
Key stage 4 - age 14 - 16

Key stage catalogues are £4 each.

To order any of these please phone our Membership Services team on 01296 432 339 between 9.30 and 5.00.

Keeping you up to date

Young Calibre members can keep up to date with the latest books by visiting our Press Play page. This lists the new books we've added to the library and also gives you reading ideas. 

For more information contact our Membership Services Team on 01296 432 339.