cold landscape

Cool Reads

28 August 2018

After highlighting some books in the library that fit in with this year's hot summer, it’s time to point out some titles to bring down the temperatures and get ready for the changing seasons:


The Mountain Between us by Charles Martin      12370

On a stormy winter night, two strangers, Ashley Knox and Dr Ben Payne, meet at Salt Lake City airport. When the last outgoing flight is cancelled, Ben finds a charter plane and offers the spare seat to Ashley. But the plane crashes into the High Uintas Wilderness; Ben and Ashley are faced with a battle to survive.

The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penny           8003

Andy Ross and his wife emigrated to Canada, settling in Dove River on the edge of the outback.  Their lives were hard but not particularly eventful until the day in 1867 when Mrs Ross discovered the body of a neighbour, Laurent Jammet.  When her son is accused of murder, she follows him into the wilderness to try to establish his innocence. 

Silence of the Grave by Arnaldur Indridason        9059

Building work in the expanding city of Reykjavík uncovers a shallow grave. Years before, this part of the city was all open hills, and detective Erlendur and his team hope this is a missing person scenario, perhaps someone who was lost in the snow decades ago. But the case is not that simple.

The Ice by Laline Paull   12228

The Arctic sea ice has melted and the passengers of the Vanir have come seeking a polar bear, but what they find is a dead body… It is Tom Harding who was lost in an accident three years ago. But as the inquest into Tom's death begins, the choices he made are put on the stand.

Ice Station Zebra by Alistair Maclean     3404

A British meteorological team is trapped on the polar ice cap and the Dolphin is the only submarine capable of attempting their rescue. The officers are well aware of the dangers of such an attempt, but what they do not know is that the rescue is really a cover-up for a desperate espionage mission and that the Dolphin is heading for disaster.

Ice by Ulla-Lena Lundberg      12283

In the summer of 1947, a young priest, Petter, his wife and baby daughter, arrive by boat at a tiny island, where Petter is to minister to the scattered community. With each season, the family's love of the island grows and when the winter brings ice, a new and tentative link is created.

Deception Point by Dan Brown        7138

A new NASA satellite detects a rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice. This appears to show evidence of life from outer space, and comes at a time when NASA needs a victory. Rachel Sexton is sent to verify the claim and comes upon evidence of scientific trickery!

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey   9314

Jack and Mabel hope that a fresh start in Alaska will enable them to put the strain of their childless marriage behind them. As the first snow falls, they see a child running through the spruce trees. Gradually the elusive, untameable little girl who hunts with a fox changes their lives. Includes a retelling of the Russian folk tale 'The Snow Maiden' by Arthur Ransome.

1222 by Anne Holt       9435

1222 metres above sea level and the worst snow storm in recent Norwegian history is raging. Marooned in a mountain pass, 269 travellers are forced to abandon their train and decamp into an old mountain hotel. But as dawn breaks one of them will be found dead, murdered. Retired police inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen is asked to investigate...

Night Blind by Ragnar Jonasson     11354

The peace of a close-knit Icelandic community is shattered by the murder of a policeman. With a killer on the loose and the dark Arctic winter closing in, it falls to Ari Thor to piece together a puzzle that involves tangled local politics, a compromised new mayor and a psychiatric ward in Reykjavik where someone is being held against their will.

Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson    4470

In 1954 a fisherman is found dead in the nets of his boat on the island of San Piedro. A Japanese-American man is charged with his murder but the incident stirs memories of a doomed love affair between a white boy and a Japanese girl and guilt at the fate of the island’s Japanese residents during World War II.

My Swordhand is Singing by Marcus Sedgwick   616572

A chilling tale set in 17th century Eastern Europe where Tomas and his father set up home in the forest. There they face a soulless enemy and a terrifying destiny.

Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell    617382

Feodora lives in the snowbound woods of Russia. Feo's mother is a wolf wilder, she teaches tamed animals to fend for themselves, and to fight and to run, and to be wary of humans. When the murderous hostility of the Russian Army threatens their very existence, Feo is left with no option but to go on the run.