In Your Pocket

Increasing Accessibility with a new way to receive Calibre books

25 July 2018

The Calibre team are always keen to open up as many channels as possible for existing and potential members to listen to our range of over 10,500 audio books though a medium that suits them. We are delighted to announce that Calibre has partnered with In Your Pocket to enable any members who purchase this voice activated smartphone to listen to our books.

In Your Pocket is available from or by calling 0333 772 7708. It is purchased with a 24 month plan at £22 per month or £528 as a single payment. The package includes unlimited calls and text, 3GB of date per month, a case, lanyard and headset with microphone. It works straight out of the box and comes with audio CD instructions and a user guide.

With In Your Pocket, members can stream Calibre books as well as listening to newspapers, magazines and pocasts. You can do this anywhere within the O2 network or via an accessible Wi-Fi. You can make calls, send and receive texts and manage your contacts just by talking.