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National Reading Group Day 2019

National Reading Group Day is run by The Reading Agency, in partnership with the Booksellers Association and takes place on Saturday 15th June in...

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Continuing the Make a Noise in Libraries theme of 'getting connected' it seems fitting to look at a novel about the early days of the music...

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D-Day 75

D-Day 75 sheild

This week sees the 75th anniversary of D-Day during which a number of commemorative events are scheduled, both in Britain and France, to remember...

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New Books

June's New Books


Lucy Worsley is a historian known for writing non-fiction books about famous people like Queen Victoria and Jane Austen but has now turned her writing talents and interest in history to create stories for children, with Eliza Rose (617533) being her first book. Eliza Rose is the daughter of a noble family and knows she must fulfil her duty to marry once a suitable match is made for her. But an opportunity to be a maid of honour in Henry the Eighth's court leaves her wondering who she can trust and if she could really command her own destiny.

Magic, adventure and a wild fun filled ride are in store for those that discover The Train to Impossible Places by P G Bell (617537). Suzy is woken one night by a strange noise, when she goes to investigate she discovers a train barrelling through her house! She soon finds herself on board and tasked with delivering a cursed package to a fearsome sorceress knowing that the fate of the Impossible Places is in her hands.

If you’re a fan of the mortal engines series then you’ll be wanting to get hold of the Railhead trilogy, the new series from author Philip Reeve. We have just added Black Light Express (617543) and Station Zero (617536), books two and three, with book one Railhead (617398) already being available in the library. Set in the future in a place called the Great Network where drones and androids exist with Hive Monks and Station Angels we are introduced to Zen, a petty thief who is stealing in order to support his family. However it soon becomes clear the key to the universe could rest on finding out what else he is capable of.

Angie Thomas took the book world by storm last year with her debut novel for young adults The Hate you Give (617544). Sixteen year old Starr is torn between her two worlds, living in a poor neighbourhood while attending a posh high school in the suburbs. When she witnesses the shooting of her unarmed best friend by a police officer her life is thrown into turmoil as what she says could raise tension and divide communities, but all Starr wants is justice. Angie Thomas draws you in with her story and forms characters that jump off the page at you, creating a book that won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2018 and the Children’s Book of the year 2018 at the British Book Awards.

If you want a book to make you laugh then look no further than Stitch Head by Guy Bass (617534). This book has it all, castles, dungeons and mad professors creating freakish monsters one of which is Stitch Head. If you like Marcus Sedgwick’s Raven Mysteries or Chris Riddell’s Goth Girl then this would be a good one to try.

Wouldn’t it be great if some of your favourite book characters came to life or you could be transported into your favourite book? Well this is exactly what happens in Tilly and the Book Wanderers by Anna James (617538). Tilly is eleven years old and since her mother disappeared she has lived with her grandparents at their book shop called Pages and Co. Suddenly some of her favourite book characters start appearing in the shop and she finds she can follow them back into the story and so bookwander into any book she chooses. Tilly’s new found ability may help her find out what happened to her mother but danger could be just round the corner or indeed over the next page.

Nominated for the CILIP Carnegie medal 2019, The Storm Keepers Island by Catherine Doyle (617531) is a classic fantastical adventure story. Arranmore Island chooses a new storm keeper once in a generation, Fionn Boyle has just stepped foot on the island and the earth has started to move ominously beneath his feet. However deep underground someone has been waiting for Fionn, and his presence sets off a battle to be the island’s next champion as a sinister magic is awoken and a war begins to rage.  If you like books by Philip Pullman and Katherine Rundell then add this to your reading list.

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